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It's easy to say you're going to stop smoking, but it's tough to actually go through with it. Many former smokers have found success through electronic cigarettes. If you're thinking about making the switch, you should stop by GR8 Vapes. Our vape shop is stocked with top-of-the-line products in Bastrop, TX. You can come to us for exceptional equipment, liquids and supplements sold in a comfortable and accepting space.



Switch to a kosher eLiquid.

Vapes and Coils

Vapes and Coils

Kick your cigarette addiction with vapes.

is key

Our store is about more than just selling products. We're a thriving part of the vaping community and strive to educate our customers on our products. When you visit our vape shop you can:

  • Browse vape equipment like coils, mods and tanks
  • Learn about our products from our educated staff
  • Purchase our specially formulated kosher eLiquid products

Get pricing information on our most popular products now by calling 512-985-5309.

Top-quality products
and caring staff

GR8 Vapes has been the ideal spot for electronic cigarettes, and kratom in Bastrop, TX for over seven years. We're still run by our original team of dedicated experts. You'll get attentive care from us whether you're new to the vaping world or have been vaping for years.

Meet the team at our shop in Bastrop, TX today.