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You'll find top-quality vape kits & coils at our store in Bastrop, TX

While vaping originally began as a way for cigarette smokers to kick their addiction, it's now evolved into a popular hobby for many. Vaping afficionados and newcomers alike enjoy exploring different techniques and equipment. You can find starter and advanced vape kits at GR8 Vapes in Bastrop, TX. We sell a wide variety of devices and components from renowned brands like SMOK, Vaporesso, Aspire and Bufu.

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Switch out your vape coil

If you need vaping equipment, you can find it in our shop. We sell top-of-the-line mods, tanks, vaporizers and pods. Maybe you're looking for vape coils. We have several options, including:

  • Sub coils
  • Pods
  • Traditional coils
  • Kanthol wire
Coils are essential parts of vape kits. They heat and vaporize the eliquid. That means that different types of coils will have different effects on flavor and cloud production. Call 512-985-5309 now to learn more about our various vape coils.